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    This site is my personal sandbox for all things web related that I do. Most of the posting done here by me will facilitate ranting/raving about something or another thing. The rest goes toward providing information about things that I could not find answers for on the interweb myself. Mostly things I wish someone else had posted or documented about various internet technologies I use personally, and for business.

    I also use this site as a portfolio site to supplement my resume for various work-based information. View my portfolio or contact me.

    My only hope is that you find yourself here, and that something on this page interests you or helps you figure out something that took me a while to find. Most of it is trivial, I’m sure. I don’t claim that my solutions to problems are in any way, the “best” way to handle something. It’s just however my mind worked around it, so I will share it.

    Feel free to leave comments and questions wherever you want. Let me know how I could improve this site if you like it.

    Have fun! Thanks for stopping by!